Here is the trick that tricks the casino into handing out millions

Everyone wants to win big money at the casino. Unfortunately, it is the case that luck often decides - and that the chances of winning are not always as great as you want. With this method, however, one can increase the chance of winning mega premieres.

The trick is about 3 things: Money, Discipline and Luck.

There are hundreds of online casinos. Virtually all online casinos give you a lot of money to create an account with them, and since then they steadily provide bonuses and free spins for your loyalty playing with them.

Money: If you look at this casino overview, you can pick out the best welcome offers or why not all, and deposit money and your money will quickly multiply. But keep in mind that most casinos require you to turn over the money you have received before you can withdraw it. Occasionally there are some casino offers that do not require turnover. These can obviously be difficult to find. Do not despair: Sign up for our news letter then we will let you know when we come across such offers.

Discipline: Take advantage of all bonuses and free spins but nothing more! Do not play while intoxicated or when you are in an unstable mood. Look for the best deals. Be disciplined.

Luck: Yes, it takes a bit of luck to win the really big sums, but look at it this way: Norsk Tipping's Lotto has a much lower payout ratio than regular online casinos. This is because all regular casinos are required to have a payout ratio of between 94-98% while Norsk Tipping's Lotto in addition to the order to make a profit to the Norwegian state must also give money to the grassroots, gambling etc. At Norsk Tipping you can increase the odds of win by betting more rows at regular online casinos the casino increases your chances of winning by giving you more money when you deposit money and free / free spins / games you can win real money with.

Yes, it's difficult to win the dream prizes, but it is not impossible either. It is important to remember that popular online casinos that rely on players to win. Thus, one must only take advantage of the opportunities that exist, so that one can increase the chances of winning.